Our Management

We enable a lifelong pursuit of learning by creating meaning, developing habits of mind, and acting on values. We provide learning in a safe, nurturing, enjoyable, culturally fruitful and stimulating environment. We enable imaginative thinking. We enable ourselves to be open. More

Here at 'DPS School Nawada', we are serious on that perticular part. We plan your success witn that right approach and intelligent sucess plan. We follow student oriented approach by satisfied them with quality education. Our core intellectual academic team, our innovation, updated, success. More

Our Management

Message from Director "Mr. Shashi Bhushan"

The teachers are seen as the builders of the nation and the emerging world. Globalization is the core to the educational program. The school motto Global outlook, impresses upon the learners, Indian values, broad based knowledge, global cultural ethos and socio scientific developments as the highest form of meditation to attain the global outlook.

It provides an identifying system, which amalgamates the aspiration of the present generation without compromising on Indian value system and traditions.

We believed that each child has the talent to learn and develop. The integrated program of these activities assist our students to master various skills. Our Child Centered Approach is solely based on learning beyond the classroom.

In the contemporary world in which our young children are competing and shining on the national as well as international forums, education needs go gar beyond the acquisition of academic competencies. In the competitive workplaces around the world, the need for developing life skills is of utmost importance. Therefore, we are imparting life skills among our students. The ten life skills listed by World Health Organization will definitely help our students to grow as individuals and make an early impact in their professions. I am confident that the students with these skills tend to become productive citizen's with greater ability to cope with the challenge of life. The GOD ALMIGHTY will definitely shower his choicest blessing on us to perform our duties honestly so as to enjoy the bliss of HEAVEN on, our beautiful earth. We are lucky to have the most respectable and eminent personalities on our advisory board, who have experience and maturity of running hundreds of schools of high quality, they are also expert in managing world class schools at global level. They are the most juridicious people having practical knowledge, which is the need of this age. I can assure you that DPS will be a school with a difference. I also assure you that your child will get the best of East and West.

Principal's Reflection

"Only as high as I reach can I grow, Only as far as I seek can I go , Only as deep as I look I can see , Only as much as I dream can I be ."

Dear Readers,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many people who have made this year a memorable one. In my first year as Principal in this school. I have been fortunate to meet many of you and am very humbled by the way you have welcomed me, whether staff or students , parents or guardians. Delhi Public School of Nawada is first and far most a vibrant educated community . The gospel values seen through the lens of the charisma of the guardians and the students are borne out in every interaction, every smile and every time we act when we see injustice. I see this witness , played out everyday in the lives of our students and staff as they strive for their best not only in classrooms, but in how they relate and treat each other. As the leader of this school I am extremely grateful to able to continue to assist in realizing our mission of "NO DREAM TOO BIG". In right relationship , truth will always bring freedom , life and love. At times being Principal takes me away from the phase to phase interactions with the students in the classrooms . I have been continually struck by the integrity , the openness and the generosity of spirit that our students continually display. As parents and care takers , you should be very proud of the sons and daughters you give us the privilege of working with. Thank you for your trust in us. Similarly the staff members at Delhi Public School of Nawada are not only committed to serve the needs of students - spiritually , academically , physically and emotionally . They are continually in pursuit of the best from them and assisting each and everyone to achieve his or her best. We are very blessed to have such instrumental people working in our school. Another highlight of the year for me was the organizing educational trip at Delhi, Agra and Bareilly, Children's day celebration and so many co- curricular activities . I am taking over the rinse of Delhi Public School of Nawada with a very optimistic attitude, as the infancy period of the school is almost over which is always a difficult time for any institution, now it's a time for the "TAKE OFF" !!! Equipped with 17 years of experience in educational field, I am all set to take DPSNWD to newer heights with the rich experience from Doon International School, Palia as Senior Coordinator , Golden Flower Public School as Senior activity coordinator and JAYPEE VIDYA MANDIR, Vishnupuram (JAYPEE Group) as Principal . I also have been teacher in EDMONTON PUBLIC SCHOOL Palia, OXFORD PUBLIC SCHOOL Morarkhera and AKAAL ACADEMY BADUSAHIB many years. I believe that education is a creative partnership between parents , teachers and students in an amicable atmosphere where each one is concerned of the well being of the taught with joy and discipline . It is very true that it is a very challenging task but yet a highly rewarding one as well. I assure all the parents and guardians that they will find their children growing in the healthy environment and yet closely connected with the rich culture and values that from the backbone of every Indian's existence.